Saturday, 12 June 2010

Good Librarians go to Web 2.0 heavens

When I was little, at home, we had a minitel. That made us very cutting-edge for 1985.

Then I grew up blissfully ignorant in my miniteled sheltered life, until when, a young and naive new undergraduate student, I visited Cambridge in the glorious summer of 1997, to learn English and the ways of the world. I proceeded to meet a young Cambridge student who punted like a god, looked really good in a blue shirt, and had an email address: I realised that I urgently needed one, too. Thanks to that summer in Cambridge, I not only improved my English really fast, but I became technically-savvy and a cyber legend among my friends back home (our university did not have a computer. I actually doubt it had so much as a a typing-machine; we wrote all our essays and dissertations by hand, not like those lucky guys in Cambridge. Those were the times). I could boast for 1 year and a half approximatively: by 1999, I could only try to impress my grandmother, and even I could realise that she was not that impressed by then. Everybody had an email address. Everybody was using the Internet.

And that's it. Since then I have been dwelling in the backwaters of the world wide web.
I got on Facebook early, but that was just an easy way to add two years to my PhD really. I tried Twitter, but never caught up (Too much Stephen Fry, not enough visuals. Either that or middle-age must have struck somewhere between 2006 and now). I tried but immediately forgot about it. I had a blog, but never blogged.

So here is what I expect of 23 things: to be 23 steps closer to the Librarians' heaven of communication mavens. I am not sure that that last sentence actually makes sense, but my heart is in it.


  1. Thanks for registering your blog. It's now listed on the Cam23 blog so other participants will be able to find it.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  2. I really like the look of your blog.

    Strange question: is your blog title a Suzanne Vega reference? If not, ignore me. If it is, then thank you for reminding me of that song as it's one of my favourites and is now going round my head.


  3. Dear Celine

    Is this where I am suppose to answer ?
    Yes, you are right, the title makes reference to "blood makes noise" :) One of my favourite songs, too, and one that was going round in my head as I was starting the blog !

  4. I've actually had to go and find Blood makes noise on iTunes as I can no longer find my CD. I'm glad I was right.